We have a dedicated team of teachers and support staff at the school, who are committed to helping our pupils develop both academically and personally during their time at our school.

Mr Paul Seeman Headteacher
Mrs Alison Durling Robins Teacher (EYFS/Year 1)
Mrs Harriet Taylor Wrens Teacher (3 days)  (Y1/2)
Mrs Karen Squirrell Wrens Teacher (2 days)  (Y1/2)
Mrs Kerry Travis Skylarks Teacher (Y3/4)
Mrs Claire Stanley Swifts Teacher  (Y5/6)
Mrs Laura Beal School Secretary
Mrs Sue Davies Teaching Assistant & BASC Play Leader
Mrs Linda Driver Teaching Assistant
Miss Marie Hales Teaching Assistant & BASC Play Worker & Caretaker
Mrs Jo Ludkin Teaching Assistant (HLTA PPA Cover)
Mrs Sandra Martin SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs Amanda Goymour Senior MSA & SEN Teaching Assistant
Ms Rachael Cooper SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss Molly Stanley Supporting Teaching and Learning Apprentice
Miss Carrie-Ann Baker MSA
Mrs Natalie Canham MSA
Mrs Samantha Rout MSA
Mrs Christine Leigh MSA & Cleaner
Mrs Cecila Trench  MSA
Mrs Deborah Lord Dining Room Assistant



Our classes are arranged as follows: please click on the classes to view our class blogs!

Robins (EYFS/YEAR 1)

Wrens (YEAR 1 / 2)

Skylarks (YEAR 3 / 4)

Swifts (YEAR 5 / 6)

School Teams

Our school teams have names and colours. The names are historical Banham families that traditionally produced cider and apple juice. They are:

Murton (Blue)

Gaymer (Green)

Rout (Red)

Chapman (Yellow)

Our Curriculum

We employ a topic-based, integrated curriculum. Central to this is the belief that children bring with them to school considerable and varied backgrounds of knowledge and experience, which is not initially differentiated in the child’s mind into subject areas. Topic work provides a means of building on such experiences and for introducing children to important areas contained within separate subjects in an integrated way.

Topics vary from year to year and from class to class, reflecting where possible children’s interests and events of national and international interest, and often adapt units from the Hamilton Trust. Teachers complete a Curriculum Coverage Document to ensure all children cover all aspects of the national curriculum during their time at Banham Primary School. Maths, PE and Music as well as elements of Literacy, RE and Science are taught as discrete subjects while History, Geography, Computing, Art and D&T are delivered through topics. Topics are planned on a two yearly rolling programme, although teachers have the option of changing to other topics, covering the same objectives, which closer reflect the interests of the class or topical events. Further information is available on our Curriculum Maps below – ‘Year A’ started in 2017/18.

Curriculum Map for Robins

Curriculum Map for Wrens

Curriculum Map for Skylarks

Curriculum Map for Swifts

We use an approach to phonics teaching based on Hamilton Trust’s ‘Codebreakers’ which sees our EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 children grouped across year groups for daily phonics sessions which are then followed up in other reading time.  Children use a coloured book band scheme which is supplemented by Reading Band Information for Parents on what to look for in each coloured band when children are reading.